Mint 400 is always special, but 2024's will be a great one!

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The Mint 400 kicks off this week on March 6th with a parade down Las Vegas Blvd featuring motorcycles, Trophy Trucks, UTVs and vintage race vehicles
from the early days of this iconic race. The race that originally started as a publicity stunt meant to draw attention to the Mint Hotel has evolved into
what has been hailed as the toughest, most spectacular off road race in North America.

The parade kicks off 4 days of packed activities and races.
On Thursday March 7th, the city will close off Fremont Street and all race vehicles will line the two mile long stretch of street weaving through the crowds and vendor booths ending at a safety inspection for each race vehicle.
This gives fans a up close and personal interaction with the vehicles, teams and drivers. There will be autograph sessions, vendors selling race related gear and memorabilia, food and even limited-edition beer and Whiskey containers designed with Mint 400 logos.
On Friday all race activities move to Primm Nevada which is about 40 miles south of Las Vegas where the race takes place in the open desert. 
Many vendors will move from Fremont Street down to Primm in the large spectator area set up by the race organizers.
Because of the large volume of entries and classes that range from Polaris 170s driven by kids, motorcycles, vintage vehicles racing for fun all the way up to
1000 HP Trophy Trucks, the race is broken up into multiple races that fill up two full days. Most limited class races take place on Friday while the unlimited classes race on Saturday. 
Pro eagle is the jack of choice among all of the hundreds of teams there seeking their chance to take on  the iconic race.
In fact, we are the only jack brand there to support our customers to this degree. Our roots are in off road racing and we fully embrace
the opportunity to test our product in these harsh conditions.
The information we get from hundreds of hard core users is extremely valuable to our process of continually improving our jacks.
It also helps us to develop new products by finding shortcomings or needs where no solution currently exists.
Last years overall winner Eric Hardin is a huge fan of our jacks and has been utilizing them in his shop and
on the race track for years. We are looking forward to seeing Eric defend his title as the Mint 400 champion.

We are looking forward to seeing Eric defend his title as the mint 400 champion. See Eric's choice of jack here
Incase you haven’t heard the big news yet, we are partnering with BFGoodrich Tires.
BFGoodrich is the title sponsor of the Mint 400 and they have invited us to display the new jacks featuring mini versions of their Mud Terrain tires in their booth.
They will have a massive display area on Fremont Street on Thursday and a VIP tent set up at the race location Friday and Saturday. 
The VIP tent will feature a select few display vehicles that will help tell the story of the rich history BFGoodrich has in off road racing and the Mint 400.
Being invited to display our jacks along side their vehicles is a huge honor! If you haven’t seen the new tires on the jacks yet, this is your chance.
We will be with the jacks in the BFG booth so please stop by and tell us what you think of the new tires. We look forward to seeing you in Vegas!