Overlander Expo 2024 - A Recap

  • 3 min read
We missed Overland Expo in 2023 so we were excited to get back and see how the off-road subcategory dubbed “overlanding” had grown. 
We won’t lie, it was a little concerning in 2022 when the most frequent statement / question was, “those jacks are super cool but why would I need a jack? My vehicle comes with one.” This meant we had our work cut out for us. You see, when we started, we focused heavily on the off road racing where the people knew all too well the shortcomings of other jacks.
The Overland group was heavily dominated by newcomers in 2022 and they had yet to experience the let down of trying to use a stock jack to lift their heavily modified vehicle. Some knew that the factory jack wouldn’t work for their vehicle so they had upgraded to one from the local cheap tools store and then had to figure out how to transport it safely. They could appreciate that we had a well thought out product line with superior jacks, accessories and mounting systems.
Overall we were excited for the new opportunities that the Overland boom had created and we welcomed these new people to the world that is found past where the pavement ends. 
This year we were invited to attend the show with our new friends at BFGoodrich Tires. They are excited about the new tires that will be available on our jacks soon and wanted to introduce the partnership to the Overland market alongside us. We welcomed the opportunity and we set up multiple dealers that would also be attending the show to sell our products for us. We asked the team at BFGoodrich if we could teach some classes each day on jack safety and proper use of our jacks. They thought it was a great idea and scheduled an hour each day for us to hold class in their booth. 
The show opened Friday and it was COMPLETELY packed. We can’t remember a time that any show we have been to in the past was that busy. We talked to hundreds of people each day about the new jack wheels / tires. We were pleasantly surprised that all of our efforts since 2022 had been working. People had realized the value of having quality recovery tools and our jacks were at or near the top of their needs. We were able to field questions on different procedures for lifting, different lift points, safety products and procedures and the advantages of our jack over other options. 
Not only were we telling those stories and preaching the Pro Eagle advantage, but we were validated by the many jacks on display and mounted in some of the best vehicles at the show. Vehicles like Sprinter Vans, GMC Canyons, Rivians, Tundras and so many others. People are actually getting out on the trails and putting these vehicles to the test while getting “off grid”.  It is a great feeling when we hear stories of people seeing our jacks being utilized on the trail and then they say “I knew right then I had to have one!” Check out our recap video here.

We learned some things at this year’s Overland Expo West. We learned that this group of enthusiasts want more plug and play mounting options. We learned that some of our product options like our Trail Kits are relatively unknown in that market and people were happy to see we offered more options. We learned that just like in the motorsports category where those users aren’t fooled by cheap imitations, these users want a quality product. They are venturing far away from help and saving a few dollars won’t matter when their family is stranded because of a part failure or inferior product.
You can come see our product on display at the next Overland Expo in Oregon at the end of June. We will have vendors there with products available and some new products represented in the BFGoodrich booth as well. 
Next up for us is our First Aid class that will be hosted at our facility in Torrance California. That is on June 15th and signups for classes can be found here.

Then UTV Takeover in Oregon on the 25
th – 29th of June. We will have the next round of the Totally Lit Jack Competition there as well as great deals on products that we are sure you won’t want to miss out on.