The Totally Lit Jack Competition gets off to a great start at the Terra Crew Speed Metal event.

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Adelanto Ca,

A couple of years ago we were all stuck at home with nothing to do. All ballparks were closed, movie theaters were closed, travel was restricted and the gates to Disneyland were closed for the first time ever! After some panic and lots of reevaluation of what was important to us all, many of us turned to outside recreation. Sales of boats, RVs, motorcycles and off road vehicles skyrocketed. The team at
Terra Crew had always been off-road enthusiasts and started working on plans to bring everyone together with an out of this world motorsports event. The event dubbed“Speed Metal” is pure controlled chaos! With a mix of pit bikes, drift cars, Harley Davidsons, pre runners, and race trucks jumping over other cars, here is something for every type of “petrol head”.


In its second year, they decided to make it even bigger and invited us to bring the Totally Lit Jack competitionto the event to give fans a hands-on experience. We didn’t originally have this event on the schedule butwe couldn’t pass up this opportunity. We asked our friends at Buggy Whip, Sparco, Rugged Radios and more to join us and we hit the road for the High Desert.


They had many vendors that had signed up this year and they had positioned all of us in the baseball stadium on the sports complex property. As fans entered the complex they were funneled through the ballpark and directly past our booth that was located at Home Plate! We had our two Polaris Pro R vehicles there andready for fans to compete for the fastest tire change. At first some people were intimidated at the thought of lifting the UTVs and removing the 35” tall BFGoodrich tire. We had some brave teenagers that asked if they could give it a try and they put on a great show.Once the adults saw how much fun it was and how easy it was, we had a never-ending line for hours at a time. We had people of all ages, abilities and gender competing.


We got a fast time pretty early in the day of 57 seconds that set the targetfor everyone to go after. For reference, competitors had to push a Kratos jack up to one of the Pro R vehicles and jack it up to get the front tires off the ground. Then they had to use a cordless impact to remove a front tire and then replace it with a new one, tighten all 5 lugnuts, lower the jack and return it to the starting position. So 57 seconds is actually pretty darn quick! Towards the end of the day a guy that had been watching for a while decided to give it a shot. He shocked all of us with a time of43 seconds! That time stood for the rest of the day and he won the prize package that consisted of a 3 ton jack, 2 Buggy Whips and two Sparco gear bags. 

The vendor area closed at 7pm and all attention turned to the drift track where they had set up some metal ramps where daredevils like Blake Wilkey and others jumped over drift cars in the dark. They had set up two 6 foot Buggy Whips for light which added a menacing glow to all of the smoke in the air. All together they had over 4000 peoplethrough the gates andwe had hundreds of people participate in the Jack challenge. Good thing the front hubs and wheel studs on the Pro R are so strong because we abused the crud out of them in addition to our jacks putting in overtime without missing a beat.
(images by: @tylerdillonphoto)

The next stop for the Totally Lit Jack Challenge is UTV Takeover in Coos Bay Oregon June 26th – 29th. If you think you have what it takes to be the fastest, join us then and show us what you’ve got. There will be another HUGE prize package up for grabs.