SDHQ 25th anniversary & Rodeo X 2024

  • 2 min read

We have had a busy start to the year here at Pro Eagle and we aren’t slowing down now! 

On April 30th we attended the 25th anniversary event at SDHQ in Gilbert Arizona.SDHQ was one of our first dealers, if not THE first. SDHQ had been offering Craftsman jacks and bolt on skid plates from another company and extensions from yet another company. When Pro Eagle began, we had a great conversation with the team at SDHQ about what we had to offer. While they wanted to offer products that their customers needed, they were frustrated with the issues that they were having with compiling all of those products. You see,there are really only a few companies that actually build jacks in house. Most are sourced from multiple factories and when offering bolt on parts for a particular part number they were experiencing fitment issues. The issues came from multiple factories building the same part number and each one building it slightly differently.  We askedwhat if we had a jack that served your customers needs without having to source it from multiple vendors and then backed it up with an industry best 2-year warranty? They said let’s do it and they havenot only become one of our best customers but also one of our biggest advocates

We were proud to support them at their anniversary event with many of the top brands in the off road industry. 


On April 27th we attended the Trail Wolves,Rodeo X Rigs event in Corona California. These started off as a few like minded friends got together and it has grown from there.This event was HUGE! There were over 50 vendors from some great brands likeToyota, King Shocks, CST Suspension, and many more. They were able to get an extremely busy outdoor mall to agree to close off all of the streets in front of the shops for vendor booths and over half the parking lot for show rigs. There were hundreds of beautiful rigs of all types on display and thousands of enthusiasts walking around. We had our Bronco displayed atop of our new 6 ton jack stands and the rear door was open showing off our 1.5 ton Talon jack and mount combo. Along with the stands we displayed our new improved Jack Lock and one each of our Abrams, Kratos and Beast jacks. Events like Rodeo X Rigs are so much fun for us to attend. It gives us a chance to interact with people in a low key, fun environment with live music, raffles, games for kids and tons of offerings for our 4 legged companions.