Pro Eagle the brand of choice for the Pros!: Rivian, Ken Block, The Batman...

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Pro Eagle was born in racing, and we have been involved in the off road scene even before our inception. 
In addition to the support and feedback from individual race teams, one of our biggest customers has been BF Goodrich Tires.
They have been using our jacks in their pits at every KOH race in the last 10+ years in addition to their pits in Baja and other races across the US.
Our relationship with BFG went from them being a great customer to a new partner as we announced
that starting later this year all of our Off Road Jacks will come with mini BFG tires.

Not only that, last year, we proudly announced that Pro Eagle became
the official Jack of Polaris RZR Factory team!

It's great to have top racing teams using your products, but to learn that other great names are using our products, such as Rivian.
Rivian exclusively used our 3 Ton Off-Road Jack when they were developing their R1T Truck.
Rivian Service Vans and Trucks are specially equipped to handle most service needs and designed to reach Rivian customers wherever they are.
Our 3 Ton Off-Road Jack is part of their top quality tools.
Ken Block doesn't need introduction, specially to any of our clients.
In between the filmings of his crazy gymkhanas, he was creating more new exciting content as Hyundai's ambassador:
Hyundai USA has partnered with Hoonigan Racing Division to supply me, my wife Lucy and my daughter Lia each
with all-new Hyundai Kona N Line cars for rally recce! These Kona N Line cars have been outfitted with Toyo Tires,
Rotiform and Motegi wheels and full tool kits including Pro Eagle jacks and Power Tank Minishots in case we get a puncture along the way!
(text and screenshots taken from this video)


Who does keep watching these making of video's? (I dont since we all stopped using dvds! )
Luckily for us, one of or buddies did watch the making of The Batman, a 2022 American film directed
by Matt Reeves, and stars Robert Pattinson  as Bruce Wayne / Batman. 
Once he told us we saw the video and found that the production team did use a few of our 2 ton Jacks!