BF Goodrich Tires on Pro Eagle Jacks!!

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We are proud to announce our collaboration with legendary brand BF GoodrichTires.
Starting later this year, every Pro Eagle Jack will come with mini KM3 tires on them.



As a company we constantly strive to provide the best quality products and services
to our clients ensuring that the end result is both technically excellent and aesthetically pleasing.
All our Jacks are developed in real racing conditions, since the beginning.
Even after a product is launched, we keep improving it thanks to the feedback both from racers and off-road enthusiasts alike.
One area of improvement was the tires.
This presented a opportunity for a mutually beneficial partnership
between BF Goodrich and Pro Eagle.



In addition to the support and feedback from individual race teams, one of our biggest customers has been BF Goodrich Tires.
They have been using our jacks in their pits at every KOH race in the last 10+ years in addition to their pits in Baja and other races across the US.
Our relationship with BFG went from them being a great customer to a new partner as we announced
that starting later this year all of our Off Road Jacks will come with mini BFG tires.
We made the announcement in our booth Saturday evening with all of the BFG pit support team, factory BFG drivers and multiple members of the off road media on hand.
We are looking forward to launching this product later this year and for those wondering, yes,
you will be able to get the tires separately for the Pro Eagle jacks that you already have.