Popular Co2 Air Jack Accessories Set

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For the first time ever, we at Pro Eagle have come up with some great offers to make it easier for our clients to get to know our line of accessories better.

Our unique Phoenix Co2 Air Jack is even mightier when in use with any of these accesories, designed to maximize your off road experience!

This Bundle includes:

4" Round Top - This is a 4" round flat top that replaces the U shaped top that the Phoenix Co2 Air Jack is supplied with.

Roll Bar Mount and Co2 Holster -  This Stainless Steel roll bar mount is designed specifically for our Phoenix Co2 Air Jack. It comes complete with 4 clamps to attach the jack to the mount and the mount to the roll bar. The jack is released with the pull of one pin that fits tightly to limit rattling. The pin is attached to the mount with a leash to keep it from getting lost in the dirt. Also included is a holster for Co2 cartridges and the Co2 regulator / controller. 

2 x Co2 Cartridge (4 pack)- 2 X Four pack of 25 gram Co2 Cartridges for our Phoenix Co2 Air Jack .  

Get them all three and get a 25% off plus free delivery!
Only until stocks last!