1.5 Ton "Talon" Mount 2.0


Made of stainless steel, and easily bolted to your vehicle with 4 pre drilled holes, this mount holds the 1.5 Ton "Talon", the jack handles, extension and optional Pro Eagle tool Kit safely and securely.

This updated 2.0 version features 2 anti rattle straps threaded through laser cut holes to significantly reduce noise. The straps keep the jack tight and secure reducing movement and noise. Straps also secure the jack handles which sit in the bed of the mount. 

  • Includes cover 
  • 2 Anti Rattle straps fit to size
  • Holds 1.5 Ton Big Wheel Jack "Talon"
  • Holds Jack handles in the bed of the mount
  • Hold extension
  • 4 Pre drilled holes so you can easily bolt down to your vehicle
  • Stainless steel
  • Safety pin secures jack to mount
  • Lock your jack with optional pad lock
  • Optional Pro Eagle Tool Kit fits into the mount

This mount will ONLY work for the big wheel 1.5 ton jack.