2019 UTV World Championship & Recent Shows

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2019 UTV World Championship

The UTV World Championship held in Laughlin, NV welcomed over 400 race teams and thousands of off-road fans for 3 exciting days of racing! It has grown to be the largest UTV Race in North America, and Pro Eagle was there for all of the action! 

Mad Media, the organizers of the Mint 400 and UTV World Championship asked Pro Eagle to organize a pit crew competition that would be held on Friday evening before the race the next day. They created a bracket system and started sign ups for the competition on the race website. Within minutes of the announcement all of the spots were full! 

The Challenge was divided into an adult or “pro” category and a kids category. This event was a great event for the spectators and drew a huge crowd. Each team had 3 crew members and required the changing of two tires in the quickest time. Our jacks took center stage as the teams put them to work in front of everyone, there was no room for failure. 

Chuck Foreman of Pro Eagle was asked to participate with the team of Adrian Orellana and since we knew the jacks capabilities better than anyone we decided to place the jack dead center and lift both side tires at once. Once the competition saw us practicing, they quickly asked to change the rules so that the jack had to be moved from front to rear. (Oh well, we thought it was worth a shot!) 😁 Our friends at Boxo Tools provided the impact guns and Power Tank provided the compressed air for the guns. The Pro Eagle jacks once again handled the challenge without skipping a beat. After 7 rounds of being dropped, slid, thrown and pumped at almost obscene speeds, there were 0 issues and they were ready for more. Things got heated during the Pro Eagle Pit Crew Challenge!After the adult competition the kids got a chance to test their skills. Their rules were the same and once they started the comedy began! The kids were full of heart and enthusiasm, but as could be imagined the lack of experience with high powered tools resulted in some stripped lugs and some Moms and Dads covering their eyes and ears. All together it was an awesome event! There was a HUGE crowd there to watch and cheer and everyone had great fun participating!Participating in these off-road events has always been very important to us here at Pro Eagle. It gives us a chance to see the jacks being used in extreme situations. We can talk to hundreds of users all at once and get valuable feedback that we use to make our jacks better and better. It’s always humbling to walk through the pits at a race like the UTV World Championship and see nearly every pit with a Pro Eagle jack in it. The pros know; they can get a Pro Eagle or they can get left behind. There were 3 races on Saturday and 3 on Sunday and every first place team had a Pro Eagle in their pits!

We are already looking forward to the 2020 UTV World Championships! Check out the all the action from the Challenge here:

Recent Shows & Expos

We've been busy on the road showcasing the world's best off-road jack to the industry!Off Road Nights Del Mar

For the first time Pro Eagle had the opportunity to participate in the Off Road Nights Expo in Del Mar California. This show was hosted by the same organizers of Off Road Nights in Temecula and a considerably larger venue allowed them to add truck and motorcycle races, much to the spectators delight!

Races were held in the horse racing track and by 6:00 pm the stands were filled to capacity. Pro Eagle shared a large section in the vendor area with our friends at Buggy Whip and we were busy with walk through traffic all day. We met with fans that just wanted to tell us how much they loved our jacks and some that had purchased a second jack or brought friends over to get them set up as well. It is always so satisfying to hear the testimonies of happy customers and having them refer friends directly to us.  We look forward to coming back to this growing event next year.  2019 4WP Truck & Jeep Fest

This year the 4 WP Truck Fest was held in the George R Brown Convention center in downtown Houston. The facility is huge and the surrounding area is very nice. It boasts a huge park located directly across the street, with restaurants, bars and connects to the Minute Maid Park, home to the Astros! This was a welcome change to the dirt and desert we are accustomed to!

It was our first time in Texas and we didn’t know what to expect. We know that the jacks are extremely popular with the lifted truck market. It is always interesting when you meet a new group of customers in their local market. It was a pleasant surprise when 99% of the people we talked to said “I’ve seen the jacks before in ads or social media but have never seen one in person, now I understand what all the fuss is about!” This obviously made us very happy to hear!

The show was Saturday and Sunday and by Sunday at lunch time we were sold out! Thank you to everyone that stopped by to say hello, chat about the jacks and obviously to those that took a new jack home with them. Any truck or Jeep enthusiast should definitely look into these shows that 4WP puts on, they are basically everything hot in the market of off-road all in one place! 

The same exact model of off-road jack professional racers use is available for consumers to purchase! This jack will quickly become the most useful tool in your garage at home!

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