Isenhour & Team Pro Eagle WINS the Silver State 300 + *NEW PRODUCT UPDATE

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The Wait Is Over! We Listened to YOU & Designed One Mount for Both Jacks!

In 2013 when we released the stainless steel mount for our Pro Eagle off road jack, we changed the game for off-roaders in every discipline. Never had there been an off road jack with such capabilities. Equally as important was a way to safely carry and secure the jack while traveling. Whether you are into Overlanding, Jeeping, Off Road Racing, or going on weekend adventures with your UTV....keeping your jack from bouncing around was important. Being able to secure it from theft was even more important. The only thing missing was a place to store the handle.

In 2017 we designed the Big Wheel Jack and subsequently had to design a new mount for the new dimensions. The large tires allowed storage of the handle on the jack in the mount itself. Owners of the original jack asked if we could come up with a solution to store the handles on their mount as well. So, we went to work on a universal mount that could accommodate both jacks. It sounds easy, but with two very different styles and sizes of jacks it took us some time to get it right. The wait was worth it....we have figured it out!

The need for the old standard jack mount has been eliminated and we have made the big wheel jack mount work for both styles of two ton jacks. The mounts are made from brushed Stainless Steel to give it a great look that will never rust,and a solid stainless steel pin that will accept a pad lock for security. This now gives the original jack owners the ability to store the handles as well as the ability to choose the correct jack for the occasion without needing two different mounts!

Get Your New Mount Here:

Part number ORJ24XM Retail price $179.99

Pro Eagle Races the Silver State 300!

Chuck Foreman of Pro Eagle was invited to race the BITD Silver State 300 with Dustin Isenhour in his 4400 truck. Dustin was fresh off of his 25th place finish at the 2019 King of the Hammers. This year Dustin decided to race the more popular West Coast races over the full U4 series, and the Silver State 300 is one of the racer’s favorite! And even though Dustin’s truck is specifically built for rock climbing, like the KOH terrain, it is also highly capable in the fast desert sections. This evolution can be accredited to the ever changing KOH course that over the years has added more desert sections. The racers and their vehicles have adapted.

Dustin and his small passionate team of volunteers made the trek from Colorado to Las Vegas to meet up with team Pro Eagle. This was the first time the two would race together but with Dustin’s experience in rock racing and Foreman's experience with desert racing they would make a good pair!

The Silver State 300 is BITD favorite because of its diverse terrain. The course barrels across the desert floor and works its way up into the mountains almost  nearly to the Utah border before heading back down into the desert. It has a great mix of fast fire roads, technical rocky sections, sand washes with deep ruts, trees, water crossings, and even air filter clogging silt so thick it makes it difficult to see!

The Silver State 300 features motorcycles and trucks, so the bikes got a 5am safety head start, followed by the the trucks at 12pm. As soon as the green flag dropped the boys immediately weaved their way through traffic, gaining position one by one. They knew the 305 mile race would have them passing traffic all day and they were ready. They left the line first in class so it was up to them to set a pace for their competition!

By the first pit for fuel they had a 5 minute lead on second place, by their second and last scheduled pit at mile 210 they had added another 2 minutes to their lead.

Unfortunately, a small navigational error in the dust cost the #4472 a few minutes time with only 50 miles left to go. They quickly got back on course and made it to the finish line in first place with 3 minutes to spare! It was a wild day of racing and we cant wait to get back in the seat! 

Thank you to Dustin Isenhour and his team for inviting us to race with him and also for being such a great partner and Pro Eagle team year around. Dustin has been using Pro Eagle jacks for many years as part of his race program and manages a heavy equipment tire business. Isenhour introduced Pro Eagle jacks to his shop where they work on heavy construction equipment and 18 wheelers. The real life use and feedback has been invaluable for us and it’s helped improve the efficiency for Isenhour at work, (where time is money,)  and on the race track.

In racing, nothing goes as planned. There is never a time when a team needs their equipment to perform more than when under the pressure. Pro Eagle jacks are designedly to get the problem fixed and get the team back in the race. Races are rarely won in the pits but they are often lost in the pits, and this is where we shine!

During the Silver State 300 the #4472 team never got to use their jack, but they did help MANY teams along the way with faulty jacks and even some that didn’t trust to use their inferior jack. 🤫 Every race is an opportunity for us to be in the field and provides us with invaluable R & D that we wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. So if there is a race coming up theres a pretty good chance we will be there, come say hello!

The more races we participate in its becoming pretty clear that Pro Eagle really is the #1 choice for race teams, it’s not just our slogan! Pro Eagle has earned this through the consistently and reliability of our product. 

We are proud of our product and we won’t stop until every enthusiast out there knows that there is a better solution on the race track, in the garage and around the shop when it come to high quality, offroad jacks! 

Make sure to check out our full line of jacks at and feel free to email us with any application questions you may have, were here to help!