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The Rubicon Trail. 20 jeeps.
Halfway through the Old Sluice Robby blows a bead on a front tire.

Everyone’s jacks are buried under 3 days of camping gear.
Except the Pro Eagle Talon mounted to my roll bar. 


By the time the powertank was hooked up we already had the tire off the ground despite the declining angle and soft dirt.


On day two Ray breaks his rear driveshaft.
Out comes the jack and off with the driveshaft.


Approaching Cadillac Hill and down to just front wheel drive, he breaks his passenger front axle shaft at the u-joint.
But Pro Eagle for the save again!


We ended up towing him out with 2 jeeps and a winch.


Some trips are more grueling than others. But leave no man behind.


And make sure you bring your Pro Eagle.