September 03, 2015

We are happy to find our 2-Ton Off-Road Jack reviewed by the fast and beautiful Corry Weller.
“Whether you find yourself at the race track needing to jack up your UTV or perhaps in the dunes and needing to get your quad or side-by-side off the ground to do some maintenance work or swap out some tires, chances are you have struggled with a jack at some point that was meant to be used on a paved surface and with normal vehicles. Regular floor jacks tend to sink in dirt and sand and can cause the vehicle they are lifting to shift or list in a way that can definitely cause concern.
How many of us have blocks of wood that we save and hoard and protect with our lives, because we know those particular blocks of wood will either provide the right sized platform to place our jack on or get the extra lift we need from our regular floor jack?…”
Bringing home 2 podiums! Instagram @corryweller

Bringing home 2 podiums! Instagram @corryweller

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